Finnish Oats


The reliable way of doing business is reflected with everything in Finland, including oats production so that you can enjoy safe Finnish Oats.

Responsible production

The entire oat supply chain in Finland is committed to ensure safe and high-quality food for the consumers. Finnish agriculture takes responsibility in producing food in an ecologically sustainable way. Without exception, Finnish farms use high quality seeds and fertilizers. Quality contracts are highly respected on farms. And Finnish oats are not genetically manipulated – non-GMO oat cereals!

Controlled quality

The entire supply chain from the farm to the fork is controlled in Finland. There is only a controllable size of members in the oat supply chain. Food safety is highly appreciated. There is a well-organized system of control, training and testing in hygiene, covering the entire food production. Good manufacturing processes are maintained.

Contract farming

Contract farming is common in Finland. Small farm sizes and contract farming give an opportunity to ensure the high quality of oats. Contract farming also gives Finnish farms a unique opportunity to focus on special grades, such as gluten free products. The distribution partners are easy to reach.


A special feature of Finnish oat production is its traceability. Finnish farm sizes are small and the production volumes are small. Oat grains are dried and stored at farms, also keeping the lot sizes small. All this, combined with contract farming, enables great grain lot traceability. The ingredients and packaging materials can be traced up to the mills or the original group of suppliers. It is also possible to trace the various phases of the process. The routes used in distribution are also known from the producer to the end user.

Modern milling technology

The latest milling technology is used in Finland. The oat processing industry focuses on skilled personnel, the continuous development of technology, environmentally friendly operations and the latest research.