Finnish Oats

Oats and wellbeing

Oats are a Finnish super food at its best. The small golden grain is packed with nutrients that cater to your health and wellbeing in many ways. Oats provide you with energy, slow releasing carbohydrates, fibres, protein and soft fats, as well as a whole host of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients.

Oats contain the fibre, beta-glucan, which has been found to be a health promoting miracle material. The EU has approved health claims for oats that tell about their beneficial properties.

Oats Keeps cholesterol in check
Regular intake of beta-glucan promotes the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and helps keep cholesterol levels in check. The health effect is realized when merely 3 grams of beta-glucan is consumed every day. (A health claim approved by the EU).

Helps in controlling blood sugar levels
The beta-glucan in oats helps to level out blood sugar rises experienced after meals. The health effect occurs with meals contain 4 grams of beta-glucan per 30 grams of carbohydrates (A health claim approved by the EU)

Fibre-rich properties that benefit the stomach
Oat fibres increase the amount of mass passing through the intestine and promote abdominal activity. Health effects occur when oat fibre comprises at least 6 grams of each 100 grams of food product consumed. (A health claim approved by the EU)
Oats promote a feeling of fullness and will also soothe delicate stomachs.