Finnish Oats

Unique Farming Environment

The uniqueness of Finnish oats rises from the Arctic environment and our four seasons. Finland is a real oat superpower, thanks to the special agro-climatic conditions that are just right for producing the highest quality oats. The growing conditions cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world.

Northern location

Finland is the only country producing high volumes of top quality oats north of the 60th latitude. Since the Ice Age, we Finns have survived in these extreme weather conditions. We can proudly state that under these Finnish agro-climatic conditions, oats grow in a truly unique way.

Look in the map where Finnish oats is produced and processed.

Summer with light

The growing season in Finland is very short but intense. Oats are planted during May and harvested during August to September. The vast amount of light, the Finnish midnight sun, makes Finnish growing conditions truly exceptional. During mid-summer days, the sun shines for a stunning 19 hours in Southern Finland. In Northern Finland, close to the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun shines from mid-May to the end of July. During the growing season, Finland has the longest day on the planet. These gifted conditions of Finland, with the vast amounts of midsummer light, favour our northern oats greatly.

Winter with ice and snow

Finnish winter is also a very extreme season. During the winter, the Finnish soil is frozen. This is one of the reasons why the Finnish soil is pure and our nature is so clean. The cold winter provides a tough environment for harmful pests. The Arctic winter results in less need for pesticide usage and less pesticide residues in Finnish oats.

The magical land of thousands of lakes

When considering the unique origin of Finnish Oats, we simply cannot forget the purity of Finnish waters. In our country, we have 187.888 lakes of extremely clean water. The purity of Finnish ground water is world famous. It is good for Finnish oats that can grow in these generous growing conditions.