Finnish Oats

Luminous Finnish Oats – an Arctic Treasure for You

Find and enjoy the excellence of Finnish Oats. Explore the pureness and superior quality generated by the Arctic Nature and perfected by the Finnish expertise.

Loaded with passionate Arctic midnight sun and tempered by boreal mother nature

The entire cultivation area of Finnish oats is located north of the 60th latitude – just like Greenland or Alaska! This unique and harsh Arctic environment provides the special qualities of Finnish oats. Find out how the midnight sun, clean waters and freezing winters refine our oats

We produce 13 % of European oats. Finland is the 2nd largest exporting country of oats

The uniqueness of Finnish oats rises from the Arctic environment and our four seasons

Typical values for Finnish oat quality: Moisture < 14 %, Hectolitre weight 57­-60 kg, Protein 11­-13 % (of dry matter), Small grains <2,0mm: 5­-10%

Finns are specialised in oat research and developing health­enhancing oat products

Low levels of pesticides and fertilizers are used in Finnish oats and the oats is GMO free

The whole oat supply chain is controlled in Finland, which means high traceability and safety of oats

Oat innovations for wellbeing

We are specialized in oats research, innovative R&D and the development of oat-based products which promote your health and wellbeing. Discover the newest ideas and trends on how you can utilize our excellent oats expertise.

Wide supply of oat products and ingredients

Our offering of oats includes innovations that celebrate the health benefits of oats. We offer food-grade and fodder oats, oat-based ingredients and ready-to-eat oat products for a modern lifestyle, as well as organic and gluten-free oat products. Be surprised by the wide variety of our oats product supply.  Find the versatile offering of Finnish oats.

Full traceability, non-GMO farming and modern technology

We appreciate reliability and high quality standards in Finland. The entire oat production chain is controlled. No GMO is used. Food hygiene, ethical and environmental viewpoints are taken into consideration when we farm and process our oats. Find out how we ensure that you can enjoy safe Finnish Oats.

Strong Arctic beauty that is easy to process

Finnish large and beautiful oat grains are ease to refine. Our Oats are recognized for their finest milling properties, high milling yield and groat percentage, combined with an excellent storage stability. Become inspired by the extremely process-friendliness of our oats.

Explore the uniqueness by yourself

Taste the Finnish oats delicacies and meet the oat suppliers at international fairs and events. Read the latest news and find the upcoming activities.

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