Finnish Oats

Easy to Process

Grains with unique quality

Finnish oat grains are large, beautiful and pale in colour. The taste of Finnish oats is soft and nutty and the aroma is fresh. Because of the growing conditions and processing methods, the quality of Finnish oats is outstanding. The grain has optimal hardness, making it extremely process-friendly and suitable for hulling. The grain maintains its structure well during the processing, enabling a high yield in oat flake production.

Strength of the Finnish oats varieties

Finns have a long tradition and know-how of breeding oats towards durable and processing friendly varieties. Harsh and variable northern growing conditions have forced Finnish scientists and breeders to develop highly specific oat varieties that can survive in the northern nature. The grain structure of our northern oats is very good with high level, good quality soluble fibre, protein and oil.

Outstanding processing properties

Finns proudly offer international customers oats with excellent processing properties. The milling yield of Finnish oats is high, milling properties are the finest and oats have superb qualities for further processing into food-grade or feed products for international markets. The quality of Finnish oats enables its flexible use in human consumption, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics or as animal feed.

Drying without exception

Finnish oat grains are dried after harvest without exception. All Finnish farmers have a drying facility to reduce the moisture level to below 14%. This comprehensive drying process ensures a low moisture of the grain, which enhances its handling ability and predictable storage stability. Drying has a positive impact on the oat quality, as it removes dust and unwanted particles from oat lots. Grain lots will become denser, enabling a higher hecto-litre weight. The hecto-litre weight of Finnish oat is great, the grain size is large and the waste and hull percentage is low, resulting in a high milling yield. Drying also has a major impact on the beautiful pale colour of Finnish oats. Finnish oat crops have very little variation from year to year and the yields of the harvest are typically good.